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What do we do at De-way Agro Exclusive Services?

Our services include
• Product
• Testing
• Treatment
• Sales
• Consultancy
• Training

Is De-way Agro Exclusive Service the same as De-way Agro Fruits?

Yes we are one brand. The company is De-way Agro Excluusive Services while the name of our product is De-way Mixed Fruits Drink

Can I become a distributor of the De-way Fruits?

Yes you can become a distributor of De-way fruits. All you need to do is register with us. For more enquiries send us a message.

Can I get De-way Mixed Fruits Drink outside Nigeria?

Yes You can our product can be delivered to you as De-way Mixed Fruits Drink is now available in 15 countries.

Other Questions

Is the use of De-way Mixed Fruits Drink effective?

Over the years, we have had more than a thousand testimonies from our clients who have been using our product (De-way Mixed Fruits Drink) in more than 15 countries.

How do you do it at De-way?

In our company DE-WAY AGRO EXCLUSIVE SERVICES, we offer both spiritual, physical, medical and psychological counseling to all our clients across the globe in order to have, live a good and healthier life and to restore God’s given life to everyone through prayers and the word of God.

Are there chemicals in De-way mixed fruits drink?

No there is no chemical used in our product. De-way mixed fruits drink is fully organic and a mix of fruits with God’s words.

How do I send in my testimony?

You can send us your testimony through any of our contact channels.

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